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Buying Property in Andalucia

As with any property purchase it is very important to take careful consideration of several factors especially in a foreign country where you are unaware of the local environment. A property is a large investment on any scale and chosen with care.

- Always look closely at the local amenities and whether they are suitable for you (schools, shops, hospital, clubs and associations etc).

- Look into all the types of property available in Andalucia and decide which you are interested in and what facilities you require.

- Work out your budget and don't forget to allow for legal fees etc.

- Select properties to view in the area(s) of Andalucia you have chosen.

- Visit the property at least once and if possible several times of day and season as the locality can change dramatically at nightime and in different seasons.

- Make sure the property has all its amenities (water, electric etc) or has access to it if it is a renovation.

- Consult a professional to check out the structure and quality of the building.

- Investigate the local area and speak to residents, both spanish and ex-patriate.

- Always get legal advice from a local lawyer. Make sure th>ere is no debt on the property (taxes in Spain are applied to property not the owner). Ensure the property has all the required licenses and that the ownership details are all correct.

- Check prices against those of similar properties with other local agents where possible.

- Always take your time.


Buying property in Andalucia is in general a wise investment. Real Estate prices are increasing at a rapid rate Andalucia is very popular.