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Investing in property in Andalucia

Buying property abroad has become very popular in the last few years and it is now proving to be a sound investment as well as a different lifestyle

Spain has become a very popular european holiday destination second only to France but for those planning purchase property either to relocate, as a second home or for rental and investment purposes Spain is out running France and Andalucia is proving to be one of the most popular regions.

With such diverse attractions from the traditional to the modern, differing landscapes with beautiful sand beaches to spectacular mountains there is something for everyone and along with the sunny climate what more could anyone want?

Spain has a stable government in power which has lead to a strong economy and low interest rates causing it to be a safe investment with property prices increasing at a rapid rate.

There is a huge demand for rental accommodation in the area due to its increasing popularity so there is a big market in property for investment only.

Andalucia boasts many top tourist attractions and with the beautiful coast of the Costa del Sol there are the trendy places of Marbella and Puerto Banus that are very popular with 'rich and famous' and obviously potential for the investor!