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Moving to Andalucia


Once you have purchased your property and are ready to move to Andalucia. There are a few things that you need to be aware of as they differ slightly from the UK.

Language - Although there are many expatriates living in Andalucia it is always best to try to learn at least a bit of Spanish as the locals tend to appreciate this and you will feel like you are intergrating more with the local community.

Money - It is considered wise to have sufficient money to support yourself for a minimum of six months while you settle down in your new home and lifestyle.

Residency (Residencia) - British residents no longer need a permit to work in Spain. If you are working or planning to stay for more than 180 days then you will need to get a residencia card and a NIE tax identification number. This isn't cumpulsory but can make getting a bank account, mortgage or loan much easier. (The residency card is expected to be abolished shortly for European citizens as it contravenes European law.)

Furniture - If you are shipping your furniture then it s advisable to get several quotes from companies local to you who specialise in overseas removal especially Spain. Ensure they have adequate insurance cover and make sure there are no hidden costs. If you intend to buy your furniture in Spain there are several shops and showrooms that specialise in selling you the whole package for your new home or you can shop around the smaller stalls and markets for something more individual.

Utility Accounts - When purchasing property in Spain it is quite common for your lawyer to arrange all your utility services. If this is not the case then you need to set up accounts with local gas, water and electricity companies as well as telephone connections if required.

Drivers license - The British drivers license is valid in Spain now so it is no longer necessary to acquire a Spanish license.

Importing your vehicle - you are allowed to import your car to Spain on British plates, and you are allowed to drive it as a non resident for a maximum of 6 months of a year. Residents are required to obtain Spanish plates.